Four Common Exhaust Repairs Your Diesel Truck May Need

Potential Problems to Look Out For!

Your truck’s exhaust system has several functions, chief among them being its ability to direct engine fumes away from the vehicle. It also controls noise, improves engine performance, and helps regulate fuel consumption. When you have problems with your exhaust system, it’s not something you should ignore. Instead, you’ll want to get professional exhaust repairs from trained technicians, like our staff at Powerflo Diesel in McKinney, Texas. We’ve serviced exhaust systems on all types of diesel trucks, so we’re happy to share some of the most common types of repairs you may need.

Common Exhaust Problems You Might Experience

Exhaust problems can lead to emission troubles, reduced performance, and other issues. These are just a few problems you’ll experience and the repairs you’ll need.

  1. Your oxygen sensor(s) malfunctions. Each O2 sensor in your truck works with your engine’s computer to create the correct air-fuel mixture. If one of them isn’t working properly, this can disrupt the mixture, reduce performance, clog the catalytic converter, or have other consequences. You’ll need to have the sensor replaced as soon as possible.
  2. Your exhaust leaks. If you drive in rough road conditions, joints and other weak spots in your system can crack. This can cause toxic fumes to leak inside your car, which can lead to serious health issues. If you notice any cracks or experience any odd smells, you should have a trained mechanic inspect and replace cracked sections.
  3. Your hangers break. Hangers are parts that secure and protect your exhaust, especially over rough roads. When these parts break, the exhaust can move freely, making it susceptible to cracks, dents, and other problems. You should have the hangers replaced immediately to prevent more serious damages.
  4. Your muffler is faulty. The engine produces a lot of sound waves, and it’s the muffler’s job to control the noise. If your truck is suddenly very noisy, your muffler probably needs to be replaced.

We Repair Diesel Exhaust Systems

You never know when your truck’s exhaust will have problems, but when it does, you shouldn’t wait to have them addressed. Because these issues can have serious implications for you and your vehicle’s health, trained professionals should perform exhaust repairs. Since we opened in 2012, Powerflo Diesel has serviced thousands of diesel trucks, so give us a call and let our ASE-certified technicians handle the rest!

Written by Powerflo Diesel