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Want to make your engine more powerful — and more efficient? At PowerFlo Disel, we help vehicle owners upgrade their performance and increase their horsepower while boosting its efficiency as well. We offer vehicle performance products ranging from programmers to suspension lift kits from leading brands including:


Ever since 1999, Edge Products has stood as one of the leading manufacturers of aftermarket performance electronics for trucks and SUVs. Edge diesel products have helped countless enthusiasts boost the power and efficiency of their vehicles. That ...

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Sinister Diesel

It’s not hard to pick out Sinister Diesel parts from the rest. All you have to do is look for the company’s trademark metallic blue finish to know you’re looking at authentic Sinister Diesel products. But that’s far from the only way in which Sini...

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BD Diesel Performance

Innovation and quality have been the hallmarks of the BD Diesel Performance brand since the beginning. From the moment the company introduced the first exhaust brake for the diesel pickup market in 1989, its name has stood for new ideas and a cons...

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ATS Diesel Performance

For more than 25 years, ATS Diesel Performance products have stood among the best in the industry. The power and innovation this brand brings to the road or racetrack makes ATS Diesel Performance parts sought after by hobbyists and enthusiasts ali...

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