Three Obvious Signs Your Diesel Needs Brake Repairs

Know When It’s Time to Stop!

There’s no question that your braking system is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. It serves as your primary safety mechanism, and without it, you’d end up hurting yourself, passengers, and others. Unfortunately, your brakes, like any part, will wear down with time and use, and you’ll eventually need brake repairs. When your diesel truck eventually needs its brakes serviced, you’ll find no better team than Powerflo Diesel here in McKinney, Texas. But how do you know when you’re due for repairs? After more than nine years of service, we know which signs you should look out for.

When Your Diesel Truck Needs Brake Repairs

If your brakes start to act up, it’s time to have a professional inspection. Below are a few potential problems you may experience.

You hear a screeching sound.

If your brakes squeal, that typically means your brake pads have worn out and need replacing. Brake pads have wear indicators, so once the pads wear down to a certain point, the indicators make contact with the rotors, which causes the metal-on-metal sound you hear. The noise can also be caused by warped rotors, damaged calipers, or other factors, so you should have your brakes professionally inspected.

The brake is soft or spongy.

If your brake pedal doesn’t have its usual resistance or drops straight to the floor, you have a problem. “Soft” pedals are caused by several issues, such as air in the line, a worn-out master cylinder, or a brake fluid leak. Driving with this problem is extremely dangerous because your brakes could fail or lose effectiveness, so get a mechanic right away!

Your brake light indicator is on.

The brake warning light automatically comes on when you engage the emergency brake, but what if it continues to stay on? That means there’s something wrong with your brake system, and it’s probably not safe to drive. In this case, have your truck towed to our shop, and we’ll take care of the rest.

We Repair Your Diesel Truck’s Brakes

If your brakes give you warning signs, you should heed them. Your best course of action is to take your truck to a reputable diesel repair shop, and if you live in McKinney, Texas, you’re in luck. Powerflo Diesel is staffed by ASE-certified technicians who use the latest tools and equipment, so if you need brake repairs, stop by today!

Written by Powerflo Diesel